Health Club Membership Agreement

Who can use this Constitution? This model of club formation is designed to be used by a group of people who come together for the purpose of a sport or other common interest…. The Health Club Services Act regulates health clubs in New York City. It prevents deceptive practices and high-pressure sales practices related to health club affiliations. For example, you have the right to terminate the contract for any reason within three days of signing. You also have the right to terminate the contract at any time for certain other reasons. You may at any time terminate your membership in the health club for the following reasons: If you opt for the automatic continuation of the provision of services in your contract, you know that many states limit these provisions and require that you bring to the attention of customers with bold or capital letters and larger fonts on the disposition of your contract. South Carolinas Health Club-Statut allows automatic continuation of service rules, but limits the extension period to one month and requires you to split the renewal in bold at least fourteen points on the front page of the contract, and you must first have the customer in this section. The parties signed below enter into this fitness contract between them in recognition and acceptance of the above terms. The person who signs (the member) heresafter indicates his or her wish to become a member of [Sender.Company] pursuant to the terms of this gym membership agreement. Not sure if your state limits the duration of membership contracts or if there is a “magic” language that you need to include? Don`t worry, IHRSA has you covered! We follow all laws and requirements related to health clubs and organize them according to the state. 2. DEFINITIONIn this agreement, unless the contrary intent appears:2.1 The singular contains plural and vice versa.2.2 A reference to a party includes and resigns the legal personal heirs of that part.2.3 “member” includes the parent or guardian of the member, if the member is under the age of 18.2.4 “card” refers to the genesis membership card and contains both a 24/7 access card and a standard card.2.5 “Centre” refers to the Genesis Fitness Centre, which is mentioned in the RRSP application, and the contract to which this brochure refers is Debitsuccess Pty Ltd, PO Box 577, Mt Waverley, Vic, 3149, Tel: 1800 267 916, e-mail:

All questions and comments regarding the fitness club services offered under this membership agreement should be addressed to the Centre. All requests and comments on the debit billing service should be directed to Debitsuccess. The Member recognises that the Centre must collect the fees owed under this membership agreement in the event of a direct debit payment and also recognises that all rights of the Centre under this membership agreement can be covered by debitsuccess, as if it were the centre without the participation of the Centre or the agreement of the member.2.7 “Gold Membership”: a member may use all participating Genesis clubs if they adhere to gold.