Stocksy License Agreement

Market Freeze is available over a variety of periods and grants exclusivity to your images or videos from the date of purchase, so you are reassured that the images and videos you “freeze” cannot be used by a competitor or someone else. Get more for your money with this license, which also includes free multi seat, unlimited printing (for images) and products for resale licenses. Using our website assumes that you meet the following terms and conditions. This document is an important part of the use of the site, and as mentioned below, we advise you to read the agreement and fully understand to use the site and the services offered. Sensitive Use License: Allows the use of content in a manner that would be prohibited or restricted in accordance with Section 3 (m). This license requires the express permission of the photographer and the models in the content that must be granted and must be negotiated by direct contact with Stocksy under [email protected]. Please take extra time when purchasing this license, as obtaining the necessary permissions and signatures can cause delays. (a) Affiliate obligations: as a member of the co-op, the member is required to execute and execute this agreement (the “contract”) in favour of Stocksy United (the “cooperative” or “STOCKSY”). This agreement governs the conditions under which the co-op member makes artistic content available on a non-exclusive basis for licensing, transferring and disseminating on the co-op`s website in (the “website”). (g) The member acknowledges that THE MEMBER has read and understood this agreement and that he agrees to be bound.

DAS MEMBER ACKNOWLEDGES UND AGREES THAT EACH TIME THE MEMBER UPLAODDS ANY CONTENT, SUBMITS ACCOUNT INFORMATION OR CONDUCTS ANY OTHER TRANSACTION IN CONNECTION WITH THE SITE OR CONTENT, EACH SUCH TRANSACTION IS THE MEMBER`S AGREEMENT AND INTENT TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND THE TERMS OF USE. This agreement includes full understanding of the parties and replaces all previous agreements between the parties regarding the purpose of this Agreement, either in writing or orally, and these prior agreements (if any) are hereafter terminated. For legal reasons, including the maintenance of records for the purchase of licences, licences and shares of real estate. (c) Respect for rights: all rights, including title and copyright, on and on the content of the member are retained by the member and no property or copyright rights are transferred or granted to the co-operative or to third parties in any way, unless provided for in this agreement. Regardless of the above, the member waives all “moral rights” (as defined in the Canadian Copyright Act) for all content accepted and similar rights that exist under the existing legislation of a jurisdiction in which accepted content is used or licensed. This agreement does not prevent the Member from using content for personal use. B, such as maintaining a member`s work portfolio or selling printouts or other assets by the Member, provided that the Member does not grant or grant rights to the content. (b) THE MEMBER agrees that neither THE COOPERATIVE, nor its subsidiaries, nor their executives, directors, employees, members, owners, representatives, representatives, licensees and (under)licensees (with the exception of THE MEMBER, if applicable), liability for any damage, whether it is directly, by chance, indirectly or conclusively, that has died out, IN-DESSOUS OR HORS OF THE PRESENT ACCORD, , THE ACCESS OR UTILISATION OF THE SITE